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Hi, I’m Jean Flower and I am here to help you start up, nurture and grow your business in Hertfordshire.

Now more than ever,  people need help setting up in business. My training and coaching can help you to become an effective business owner or self-employed person.  My clients have succeeded from all starting points including early retirement, redundancy, life crisis or returning to work after having children.

“The world needs more people with Jean’s skills”
 Julie Howell, Julie Howell Communications.


Start up training can help you get you off the ground much quicker. Whether you are a complete novice or a savvy commercial operator in your chosen field . My  training  and coaching will give you the roadmap to success: you will learn how to structure your business, identify your customers, and promote your product to them at the optimum price.


Once you are up and running, one thing becomes clear – you can’t be good at everything. That’s where my experience as a coach comes in. I can be a sounding board for ideas and point you in the right direction for help, but more than that – I give you the sincere one-to-one advice that you can trust to act upon for immediate results.


When you choose to work with me, you become part of my extensive network of contacts. I’ve always got my ear to the ground and my passion is connecting my clients to the right people and opportunities.

An exceptional, professional, amazing person”
Lenka Lutonska, leadership development professional

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